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FAQ: the difficult cases to solve Foobar

Foobar 2000 as a focus on technology tools for the professional digital audio player, beginning on the introduction of wide concern. Because of its Free, good quality, low resource consumption and other characteristics, has gained more and more customers. However, we use the process, also encountered a wide variety of issues.

Q: When prompted to start the load foo_psf. dll failed, suggesting the following:

Information 顥?CORE 顥? Start time 顪?761 ms

Error 顥?CORE 顥? Loading DLL failed 顪?foo_psf. dll, reason: Can not load DLL.

I ask this question should be how to solve?

Answer: "foobar2000components" folder "foo_psf.dll" files to delete.

Q: I always find the playlist to delete files directly to the method, only a few can be removed from the list, but the file is still on the hard disk. A file does not display song information on the file name, and open the folder to delete files not in the play list how to remove easily, are there any effective solutions?

A: After you install Foo_delete.dll this plugin (Download:, can directly remove the files from the list.

Q: Why does my machine can not use Foo_tunes plug-in, a start Foobar 2000 on the error?

A: This problem is most likely caused because not compatible with the operating system. Foo_tunes does not support Windows 98/Me, and compatibility with Windows 2000 is not good, there are a large number of Windows 2000 users can not reflect the normal use of the plug-in, for unknown reasons. This problem has no solution but to look forward to future versions to fix this compatibility issue.

Q: Foobar 2000 can play WMA types of songs?

A: Just install Foo_wma 1.0.9 + plug-ins, you can play WMA audio file formats, but the system need to install a Windows Media Player 9.

Q: I use Foobar 2000, sometimes clipping prompt will pop up a warning message related to, can solve the clipping problem?

A: lossy compression are likely to cause distortion, decoding whether clipping occurs audio files from the original decision, and has nothing to do with any players. But it is through the relevant settings in the program to avoid clipping distortion. 1, will be able to eliminate most of the volume reduction of some distortion; 2, click the menu bar on the "Foobar 2000 鈫?parameter settings", select the menu on the left features a "playback 鈫?DSP Manager", then the right view in the "advanced limiter" to the last. This can in theory be 100% elimination of distortion, most insurance; 3, using the players gain function, it can avoid most of distortion.

Also, if do not want to see the clipping warning message in the "Preferences" window "Playback" interface, remove the "show clipping warning" check box in the dialogue, you can then confirm the operation.

Q: My Foobar 2000 V0.8 can not save the tag, the previous version of the changes in MP3 tags, the document tag will be saved. In the changed Foobar 2000 V0.8 and found the original label is not changed, it should be how to solve?

A: In the "Preferences" window, select the menu on the left features the "database", then set the view in the right check to see if the "not to write the modified tag files" check box. At this point, it really is a large white!

Q: Why my title format (Title formatting) to display dynamic bit rate of the code is invalid?

A: In the "Preferences" window, select the left function menu "Display", then view the right view, check "in the play list display dynamic information (playback state, the dynamic bit rate, HTTP title, etc.)" check box .

Q: Every time a new version to replace Foobar 2000, when, to be reset, trouble death, what a good way to save the previous settings?

A: and other applications, we take cover as long as the installation method, select the upgrade installation directory when the new version to the original directory you can. In this way, you can save the configuration information. In addition, you can also manually backup program installed directory Foobar2000.cfg profile.


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