Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Nobunaga's Ambition 12 innovative" game parameter file

For the first time issued a document, I hope help.

Do not know if anyone had hair, a bit of time in recent days, a little order parameter file contents. Have been made in the Baja, but there may be more of amending the people, to share with you:

** The following is to modify the device in the Roman word / English translation and annotation barely guess according to values they do not undergo any testing. Are interested in your own access or test. Many parameters / numerical calculation only, please more experienced to study the actual calculations within the game. There is also some games do not seem to effect, or would like to join the original design of real equipment, but no effect of (soldiers official's salary, long-soldier Army changes, etc.) backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html generate . sh log maint sitemap.html svn tmp

1: City size (grid computing)

2: Lattice size

3: Start screen show time

4: The splash screen disappears time

5: KOEI logo show time

6: KOEI logo stay

7: KOEI logo disappearance time

8: "Click the mouse to start game" screen wait time (re-entering the beginning of the animation)

9: intellectuals visiting time parameter

10: intellectuals visiting a minimum limit parameters

11-16: if modifier == Description ==

12: Attack package target to increase the reputation of the fence

13: Package fence up to forces involved in

20-93: the scope of damage caused by Typhoon == == calculation

94-96: HSBC to re-occurred at a time (perhaps because of different areas are different)

97: fierce for longer periods of time

98: time of disease recurrence

99: Howard Snow recurrence time

100: Typhoon Speed

101: Typhoon confusion on the units of time

102: Typhoon acts line up

103: Typhoon recurrence count

104: name the biggest lead the force parameters

105: Army chief to lead the greatest strength parameters

106: a maximum lead the force parameters

107: other generals to lead the greatest strength parameters

108-109: money payments

110-111: Salary expenses

112: a great number who required the city (music Cheung -> Pa)

113: fortification speed parameters

114: game "points" speed parameter

115: Game, "hour" speed parameter

116: game "days" speed parameter

117: Large drum shells flying speed

118: bow and arrow flight speed

119: The maximum distance can be used tactics

120: pursuit of maximum distance start

121: troupe calculation parameters

122: tactics Injurious parameters

123: tactics destructive parameters

124: Attack damage parameters

125: counter the damage parameter

126: Registration with the calculated parameters of a

127-130: if modifier == Description ==

131: manufacturing costs broken hammer city

132: Siege scull manufacturing cost

133: The tube manufacturing cost

134: Customs boat manufacturing cost

135: Atakebune manufacturing cost

136: armored ship manufacturing cost

137: break city hammer of manufacture

138: Siege scull of manufacture

139: Large tube of manufacture

140: Customs boat manufacturing time

141: Atakebune of manufacture

142: armored ship of manufacture

143-158: if modifier == Description ==

159: Parameters of political power transactions - sell rice

160: Parameters of political power trading - buying rice

161,: transactions calculated parameters of political power - to buy army horse

162: Parameters of political power trading - buying longiflorum

164: use of money calculations

165: Military Provisions reserves

166: surprise the necessary rations

167: surprise force required

168: the price of rice stores and recruitment effects

169-170: Military Provisions calculated decision-making

171: Calculation of financial decision-making

172-173: Calculation of financial rations than the decision-making

174: purchase money as required

175: buy army horse chance

176: purchase probability longiflorum

177: tune up army horse chance

178: tune up longiflorum probability

179: manufacturing weapons probability

180: Manufacturing ships probability

181: (Army companies) mobile money unit

182: prohibition of fighting parameter

183: Prohibition of construction parameters

184: Building is insufficient to calculate

185-187: if modifier == Description ==

188: Facilities combat parameters

189-293: == No Comments, unknown ==

294-296: == game time-related, unknown ==

297: catch tied / wounded judge

298: catch tied to judge

299: Judgement damage the surrounding

300: morale up parameters

301: linkage probability parameter

302: destroys parameters

303: Military Provisions consumption parameters

304: From Judgement parameters

305: calculation of parameters with disabilities to discuss

306: AC adapter calculated parameters into account

307: up parameters tactical proficiency

308: Trap Injurious

309: Trap success rate

310: army horse destructive

311-324: == PS2 Challenge Mode parameter ==

325: Left minimum strength troupe

326-1325: == determine the end of animation parameters, unknown ==

1326-1328: == internal debug string, unknown ==

1329: Ninja / Pirates attack probability

1330: Chinese attack likely

1331: probability of failure of the transport team

1332: Chinese Premier to incite a chance

1333: Temple Club scull Attack

1334: a frequency parameters of various forces

1335: all power parameters of a lasting

1336: the frequency parameters of various forces in a defensive

1337: Nanban rice consumption

1338: Medical restore the blue state parameters generals

1339: Medical restore strength parameters of the blue

1340: Western architecture to increase building speed

1341: Western architecture to increase building durability

1342: Western architectural restoration of additional speed

1343: Western architecture built to increase the speed to change

1344: increase of parameter typography

1345: Spectral parameters on behalf of increased Minzhong

1346: spectrum on behalf of the incited reduce the probability parameters

1347: Spectral parameters on behalf of the lower probability of false

1348: spectrum on behalf of the lower probability parameters rumors

1349: reduce the surprise attack on behalf of the probability parameters of spectrum

1350: Agreement to spend the necessary parameters

1351: agreement of time

1352: agreement of time (suppressed)

1353: tactics parameters

1354: Nanban phase-field parameters

1355: Businessman phase-field parameters

1356: Other phase-field parameters

1357: national recovery parameters of various forces

1358: Agreement on power consumption of various parameters

1359-1360: Extending the alliance parameters

1361: Extension of time alliance

1362: Diplomatic special product conversion rate

1363: Trade money income rate

1364: Trade-friendly basic parameters

1365: trade, good income ratio

1366: Trade and friendly port additional parameters

1367-1370: if modifier == Description ==

1371: weak power to judge whether the agreement

1372: Phase-field changes in time of special products

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain forest wind-founder: destination domain being assessed

May 5, leading enterprises in Dongguan Internet "rain forest wind" in the micro-founder Lailin Feng Bo said that it has changed its name in China through (enam e), from the hands of foreign investors to buy the domain international top-level domain. At the same time, network television for the person in charge of China announced, (China Network TV) and cctv. Com (CCTV network) will merge by the end of May. Two messages together attracted wide attention, what will do? This, Lailin Feng said the "assessment" inconclusive.

Acquirer announcement message microblogging

The evening of May 4, rain forest wind computer Guangdong Technology Co, Dongguan City Association Lai Linfeng Internet culture, in its micro-Bo announced a news page: "They say good things in pairs, the fifth anniversary of the rain forest wind happy Jin does not in the past, China has changed its name other end came the good news --- cntv. com domain name acquisition a success! excited ah!. " But Lailin Feng did not reveal the details of the acquisition process and the transaction price and other information.

A day later, China's vice president of network television Xia Xiaohui attended the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Forum, the Internet revealed, cntv. Cn (China Network TV) and (CCTV network) will merge by the end of May, the two domain names will also point to cntv . cn, and the CCTV network will become a sub-brand network television. Prior to that, since China's Internet TV cntv. Cn on the line, and have been to integrate with the CCTV network

Many users will be over two things together. User "Big Chan," said, "With the strategic national television launch, most likely to trigger a domain name dispute." Lai Linfeng in micro-Bo in the blandly said, "like when I first saw this domain name, the first reaction is: cntv is short for network television, should not be living abroad. In fact, try holding only the beginning mind ... ... "

Domain has cited "rice farmers" interest

China Network TV (CNTV) as the focus of network CCTV, and is also the first domestic television license access to the Internet site, by early in the attention line. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter was informed, the original name for over 10 years of investment experience in the Latvian people held in the national network CCTV television ( exposure, the Latvians had received more than 10 a domain name investor inquiries, once pushed to 20 million, but then no news, until the Lailin Feng formally acquired the domain name.

Unconfirmed sources said CCTV had approached it in February this year, were Latvians, to discuss transferring the domain name issues, but no agreement was reached.

Southern reporter was informed, as early as January of this year, due to long-standing deal, was the owner of prices to 10 million. However, despite the domestic general "rice farmers" (domain name buyers and sellers) optimistic about the prospects of the domain, but still inhibited, and no one dared to rush to take over.

At that time, "rice farmers" generally held view is that even if cntv. Com net worth time and again since the fall, there is still a certain degree of investment risk: First, the domestic "rice farmers" buy may have been blocked after. Second, if the acquisition own a station, high cost, short-term is difficult to recover the cost. cited speculation that the future

Currently Lai Linfeng purchased domain name, temporarily point the wind's rain forests of, have been bold speculation of its future users.

Have friends of that, there are three possibilities: First, Lai Linfeng I continue to hold for Jianzhan or hoarding. Second, actively or passively turned (China Network TV). Third, suddenly disappeared from the Internet, the relevant departments to prevent confusion, to block or shield.

On the first point, some netizens said Lai Linfeng has hundreds of domain accounts for most of four-digit domain names, transaction prices are in million units. In addition, hoarding is also a large number of rare Lailin Feng personal domain name, such as,,, and so on. User also speculated that rain forest as the wind may be long-term business investment will the domain. And a few weeks ago the company changed its name in China to sell, seems to confirm the statement.

Lai Linfeng last night's call, he declined an interview request. Among the day before yesterday in the micro-Bo, Wang says, "announced the successful return information, immediately, there were many of my friends ask me, this domain will be used to do, a lot of friends sent me advice, I can only said that under evaluation. Of course, if you have better ideas and I share it, would be grateful. " At the same time, he published a personal mailbox.

Network General Manager of Dongguan 66 Sun said the acquisition of domain names are purely personal business investment. "This domain name associated with the CCTV speculate, no significance. Because meaning from the English speaking, is representative of Chinese TV, not on behalf of CCTV. CCTV is a CCTV".


Well-known domain name battle

1.2007 in April, the Shanghai public Cai Qilin registered domain as the domain name owner. The end of 2007, Cai Qilin received complaints from Airbus Germany Ltd., said it is bad faith registration of domain name registration, domain transfer requests ruling.

2.2007 in November, two years of China Internet Information Center "China Network. CN" domain name fight wars, eventually regain the legitimate interests of the center concluded. The Central People's Broadcasting Station After some dealing, re-made "Voice of the city. CN" "Voice of China. CN" domain names such as CN.

3.2008-year in January, after 35 bids, the network domain "w aipojia (Grandmother)" finally "home" of the. To this end, Zhejiang Grandmother Food Co. opened at auction high of 18 million, is the starting price of 12 times. At the same time, Zhejiang number of listed companies bought back through the auction as the main security code of their own domain name, staged a war Zhejiang enterprise domain.

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"Sacred 2 Fallen Angel," Raiders special mounts detailed process

Task Location: Orc path with archaeologists in understanding the exclusive limousine business.

Task Difficulty: Medium

Task People: archaeologists sister, archaeologist.

Task Location: Orc path of the town, northwest of human districts.

Prerequisite tasks: None

Follow-up task: None

Task reward: the role of exclusive limousine

Tip: Pictures can click to enlarge yo

Task flow chart:

Click to view larger image

1: find the archaeologist's sister and agreed to her request.

2: Orc path of Wuertake to the courage, the west and find the lost archaeologists.

3: accept the loss of the archaeologist's task and find the missing mount island map.

4: the sharp peak in the vicinity of the northwest to find the missing map.

5: pick up the map and return to the archaeologists Department.

6: to the north Wuertake archaeologists Bay boat captain Department to mount the island.

7: Island Hugard dialogue with the horse trials receive the task.

8: to the west of the island to kill defeat 25 Test Series # 149 Enemies.

9: Return Hugard Department to receive the next trials.

10: to the west of the island to kill defeat 12 Test Series # 3581 Enemies..

11: Back Hugard Department to receive the next trials.

12: to the west of the island to kill defeat 8 Test Series # 1802 Enemies..

13: Back to cross and receive the reward Hugard Department.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Detailed process:

Archaeologists find sister

Kids make fun of your horse? Want a docile beast sit it? Do not hesitate to friends, according to the following steps to mount the island it! Makes way for the start of a path in the orc town. You will encounter an archaeologist's sister, her distribution of the golden glory of her very special!

Note: Orc path is the first giant BOSS Bengal town before the child.

Is that girl! Archaeologists sister. She will begin the journey leading to the island mount.

She wants you to find her depressed brother archaeologists to learn more about exclusive mount message.

Archaeologist with the Lost Dialogue

Orc path to, and Wuertake courage, east and you will find him there, sitting in the second building the wall on the grass.

And talk to him and promised his request.

Archaeologists tell you he has a map of the island horse lost. According to the game of the compass and map small map it's easy to find. You can follow the orange dotted line to go along.

You will be left in the road map found on the ground, carefully guarded by the enemy: some animals, human and goblin.

You found a map! Now backtrack along the archaeologists there. Under the guidance of the road map, step 3. (Pink dotted line). The good news waiting for you.

Step 4 (the blue route guide map) to the Wuertake courage Bay left the town in Urthak s Moxie shore. Master will wait for the ship's side, ready to take you to mount the island. Your compass will point to the island, and now you have opened the port of the island mount.

In the limousine on the island met Hugard

The first is the island is called Ogre Hugard. Hugard is the custodian of these special mounts. Hugard players through a series of trials needed to ensure eligibility to purchase special mounts. Trials of the monster energy variation of some bio-T. Please ensure that your magic resistance is high enough. Because they are elemental damage. A total of three trials done.

Monster Figure

Monster Figure

Monster Figure

The completion of all three Hugard's request, he will give you a reward, finally ... get exclusive mounts! Hugard now selling a horse, and willing to sell their horse to the best dedicated heroes like you.


You need gold to buy mounts him, there are several different attributes of mount option. Recommendations based on your specialization in the combat skills to choose the horse, so that the properties of horse waste. In the later game time, you can mount at any time to return the island to find Hugard to buy a new mount. Price level and the property under the horse may be.

Exclusive occupation mounts:

Seraphim: saber-toothed tiger

Shadow Warrior: Cerberus

Forest Goddess: monitor lizard

High Wizard: Wind serpent

Trial by: Spider shelter

Temple Guard: Mobile wheel

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FAQ: the difficult cases to solve Foobar

Foobar 2000 as a focus on technology tools for the professional digital audio player, beginning on the introduction of wide concern. Because of its Free, good quality, low resource consumption and other characteristics, has gained more and more customers. However, we use the process, also encountered a wide variety of issues.

Q: When prompted to start the load foo_psf. dll failed, suggesting the following:

Information 顥?CORE 顥? Start time 顪?761 ms

Error 顥?CORE 顥? Loading DLL failed 顪?foo_psf. dll, reason: Can not load DLL.

I ask this question should be how to solve?

Answer: "foobar2000components" folder "foo_psf.dll" files to delete.

Q: I always find the playlist to delete files directly to the method, only a few can be removed from the list, but the file is still on the hard disk. A file does not display song information on the file name, and open the folder to delete files not in the play list how to remove easily, are there any effective solutions?

A: After you install Foo_delete.dll this plugin (Download:, can directly remove the files from the list.

Q: Why does my machine can not use Foo_tunes plug-in, a start Foobar 2000 on the error?

A: This problem is most likely caused because not compatible with the operating system. Foo_tunes does not support Windows 98/Me, and compatibility with Windows 2000 is not good, there are a large number of Windows 2000 users can not reflect the normal use of the plug-in, for unknown reasons. This problem has no solution but to look forward to future versions to fix this compatibility issue.

Q: Foobar 2000 can play WMA types of songs?

A: Just install Foo_wma 1.0.9 + plug-ins, you can play WMA audio file formats, but the system need to install a Windows Media Player 9.

Q: I use Foobar 2000, sometimes clipping prompt will pop up a warning message related to, can solve the clipping problem?

A: lossy compression are likely to cause distortion, decoding whether clipping occurs audio files from the original decision, and has nothing to do with any players. But it is through the relevant settings in the program to avoid clipping distortion. 1, will be able to eliminate most of the volume reduction of some distortion; 2, click the menu bar on the "Foobar 2000 鈫?parameter settings", select the menu on the left features a "playback 鈫?DSP Manager", then the right view in the "advanced limiter" to the last. This can in theory be 100% elimination of distortion, most insurance; 3, using the players gain function, it can avoid most of distortion.

Also, if do not want to see the clipping warning message in the "Preferences" window "Playback" interface, remove the "show clipping warning" check box in the dialogue, you can then confirm the operation.

Q: My Foobar 2000 V0.8 can not save the tag, the previous version of the changes in MP3 tags, the document tag will be saved. In the changed Foobar 2000 V0.8 and found the original label is not changed, it should be how to solve?

A: In the "Preferences" window, select the menu on the left features the "database", then set the view in the right check to see if the "not to write the modified tag files" check box. At this point, it really is a large white!

Q: Why my title format (Title formatting) to display dynamic bit rate of the code is invalid?

A: In the "Preferences" window, select the left function menu "Display", then view the right view, check "in the play list display dynamic information (playback state, the dynamic bit rate, HTTP title, etc.)" check box .

Q: Every time a new version to replace Foobar 2000, when, to be reset, trouble death, what a good way to save the previous settings?

A: and other applications, we take cover as long as the installation method, select the upgrade installation directory when the new version to the original directory you can. In this way, you can save the configuration information. In addition, you can also manually backup program installed directory Foobar2000.cfg profile.


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Me introduce the judges to do creative practice contest Hugo

Ali software together CSDN, InfoQ, Javaeye and other well-known technology site, Beida Jade Bird and a number of training institutions, on July 2 was officially launched in Nanjing, "Wang ska - me introduce innovative practice contest" to find the most innovative Internet applications, providing developers the opportunity to achieve a dream for me introduce an open platform for users of fresh fashion to provide the most interactive applications.

"Wang Scar" Creative Practice Competition Competition and product innovation time points two seasons. No. 1 player has begun the season hot application, online selection in August 1 - 8 carried out on 25, participants can design a small plug-in Want Want, interactive games, tools, expression, or skin, so long as the Internet Top applications or services to the Want Want to enable users to need it, used cool.

Gold to create ska Oscar Wong

"Wang Scar" Creative Practice Competition Competition and product innovation time points two seasons. No. 1 player has begun the season hot application, online selection in August 1 - 8 carried out on 25, participate in exclusive prize Jieyou me introduce the most fortunate of five players, not only will be bringing home a symbol of high honor, worth tens of thousands of The "Wang ska" Special Award - Want Want Jin (50g thousands of gold), will in practice be 200,000 start-up stage funding and business sites free of charge.

Network creative originator - Hugo to comment

Learned that the contest organizers invited a number of prosperous ska in software development, network ideas have extensive experience in areas such as appraisal, in which the network Red Hugo as a guest judge, he once said that "" a Steamed The massacre, "" creative popular in the entire Internet. Only the early stages of the race, Wong ska has detonated more than prestigious national college students creative passion, enthusiasm competition has generated a lot of lovely ideas, one after another at me introduce the official online contest on display .

Many independent software developers and internet enthusiasts in the early growth stages, because the lack of startup funds, space and hardware, so many good ideas remain only on paper side of Appeal put into practice; or because of the lack of a sufficient number of success stories can not be quickly and effectively into the software services into end user. Ali software, "Wang ska - me introduce innovative practice of Competition", on the one hand for the developers to provide more creative space and business opportunities, on the other hand, by me introduce an open platform to enable developers to be in excellent products the value of practice, the client, but also to meet all kinds of Internet users growing demand for online applications, enriching the user experience.

Wang ska me introduce innovative practice will be the contest as an opportunity to enhance interaction, expanding openness, innovation, designed to provide users with a wider range of network integration services. Wang ska Creative Practice Competition Registration:

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Basic connection fiber optic transceivers

Optical transceiver is a short distance to long distance twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals to be interchanged, Ethernet media conversion modules, in many places, also known as electron converter. Products are generally used in the Ethernet cable can not be covered, you must use optical fiber to extend the transmission distance of the actual network environment, and often located in the broadband MAN access layer applications.

In a traditional Ethernet connection from the role of the media are mainly twisted pair. Twisted pair transmission distance limit of about 200 meters, so a short distance constraints of network development, while twisted-pair influenced by electromagnetic interference, which no doubt the quality of data communication by the greater impact. The use of fiber optic transceivers, Ethernet connection in the media for the fiber. Low-loss optical fiber, high resistance to electromagnetic interference, in the network transmission distance from 200 meters Kuo Zhandao 2 kilometers or even tens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of Tong Shi Nai Zhi Yu, Ye Shu Ju communications to Zhiliangyouliao Jiaotaitigao. He makes servers, repeaters, hubs, terminals and terminals connected between the more simple.

In practical applications, fiber optic transceivers are mainly the following three basic connections:

1, ring backbone

Ring backbone network is built using SPANNING TREE characteristics within the metropolitan area backbone, this structure can be deformed as the network structure, suitable for high density metropolitan center of cell to form the core of fault-tolerant backbone network. Ring backbone network characteristics on IEEE.1Q and ISL support, can ensure compatible with most mainstream backbone networks, such as inter-switch VLAN, TRUNK capabilities. Ring backbone network for the financial, government, education and other industries form of broadband virtual private network.

Second, chain backbone

Chain-shaped backbone connection using chain-shaped light can save a lot of key number, for the edge of the city and their suburban areas high-bandwidth low-cost structure of the backbone network, the model also can be used for highways, oil, transmission line other environment. Chain-shaped backbone network characteristics on IEEE802.1Q and ISL support, can ensure compatible with the vast majority of the backbone network for the financial, government, education and other industries form of broadband virtual private network. Chain-shaped backbone network can provide images, voice, data and multimedia real-time monitoring integrated transmission network.

Third, the user access system

Users access the system using adaptive and 10Mbps/100Mbps 10Mbps/100Mbps automatic conversion feature, you can connect any client device, without the need to prepare a variety of fiber-optic transceiver for the network to provide a smooth upgrade. Also use half-duplex / full duplex and half duplex adaptive / full duplex automatic conversion, you can configure the client inexpensive half-duplex HUB, several times lower client network costs, improve the competitiveness of the network operators . Meanwhile, the device built-in switch core to improve the transmission efficiency of access equipment to reduce the network broadcast, control traffic, detect transmission failure.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ever CD-R RM AC3 to WAVE Creator

Ever CD-R RM AC3 to WAVE Creator contains an easy-to-use audio converter, just one click you can convert MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, VQF and WAV from one format to another directly; Audio converter to convert MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, VQF and WAV from one format to another directly. This Audio Converter is a powerful audio converter which can convert audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG,AAC,APE,FLAC,MP4,M4A,MPC(MusePack),AC3, WavePack and OptimFROG from one to another. Such as converting MP3 to WAV and OGG, WAV to MP3 and WMA etc. Now start converting whatever audio formats you want!

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